Emergencies can come in many forms:
Living in Tonto Basin provides us with several types that may occur. The obvious are fire and flood. We can also be faced with propane leaks, downed power lines, and other public safety issues. The Edge Complex Fire gave us the opportunity to learn about evacuation procedures and emergency preparedness. The links on the right can provide you with valuable information about how to be prepared in the event of a disaster and/or evacuation.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the Tonto Basin Fire Department for more information.

Information for residents of East side of Tonto Creek
If flooding of Tonto Creek is an issue for residents of the east side, please call the Gila County Emergency Management Hotline at 1-928-402-8888 or 1-800-304-4452 ext. 8888. This number is periodically updated with information that will give you information for any assistance you may need.

Residents should prepare for emergencies by the following means:
Be aware of upcoming weather changes.
Keep in touch with your neighbors. Checking on them and knowing when anyone has special needs is important.
Get your name and phone number on the Phone Tree which is used to get information out as quickly as possible. Call Barbara Godbold at 928-479-2190 or Brenda Straw at 928-479-2539.
Stock up! You should have five to seven days worth of supplies on hand for each family member. Food, water, and prescriptions.  
Be prepared! The Red Cross has loads of information.

Please contact Tonto Basin Fire District if you have any questions. 928-479-2203.